Saturday, April 19, 2014

Would You Like to Visit Your Slab(s)?

As the kitchen remodel moves forward, they came to "template" (measure) for the stone counter top. Because of the nature of stone, they want you to sign off on the fact that you understand the inherent attributes of the stone you are buying before they fabricate it for your home. You can sign away your right to see it beforehand, or visit your slab(s) and sign off before the cutting frenzy ensues.

I opted to go visit my slabs today. It's prety interesting to see the warehouse and fabrication facility.

Here is a picture (that really does not illustrate what they look like as a result of poor picture taking), but it's fun to see them in this form:

To get a sense of what I mean about how poorly this particular photo illustrates what it looks like, here is the "sample" as pictured on the manufacturers web site:

In person, it looks way (way, way) closer to the bottom picture. I selected it from a physical sample, that I brought with me. I think it will look terrific with the maple cabinets and the back splash tile.

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