Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Touch of "Reality"


I gave up on Dancing with The Stars a few years back but got sucked in briefly last year because the Valerie Harper story was compelling. I DVR'ed it and only watched her segments then stopped watching again all together after she was sent home.

This year, I was drawn to the Amy Purdy story; the idea that someone with two prosthetic legs would be part of a dancing competition had me and I watched avidly throughout. I had recently watched the winter Olympics and had also thought Meryl Davis and Charles White would be interesting. It was hard getting through NeNe Leaks but I watched anyway. I was not disappointed as week after week I was blown away at Amy Purdy and her ability, her courage, her grace and every lesson seeing her performed taught; most times, I was brought to tears by her performances. Charles White was quite good and Meryl Davis was nothing short of angelic.

Last night's finale came down to Davis (partnered with Max) and Purdy (partnered with Derek). I won't spoil it here - I would have been okay with either winning, the end result was and the performances were stunning.

The Voice

The final three I may have questioned but only because I thought the third place winner belongs somewhere between 4th and 6th place. The top two though, for sure deserved to be there and again, I would have been just fine with either winning. There was something just slightly more special about the singer that won though that I think will help the show moving forward.

I must say, two shows both with very entertaining seasons.

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