Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Wee Bit Nervous

Time for my physical tomorrow, complete with blood work. For the first time in a few years, I'm a bit nervous. The last few months have been a bit more stressful than usual, the kitchen remodel has really turned things upside down and made eating right nearly impossible. Additionally, I had to put a stop to my exercise regimen to heal myself and getting that back to where it needs to be has been, as I knew it would, hard.

The odd thing, I always get anxious about my blood pressure. There were times when as they were taking it I felt myself have a little panic attack inside of me and was convinced it would be high, and it hasn't been...not for a very long time.

Cholesterol numbers have been good for a long time too, nervous about them too.

I'm always most nervous about blood sugar, I have a fear of diabetes because l watched it dismantle my mothers life and health over decades. I know things are different today and I am not my mother...all I can do is my best.

I hate the damn fasting!

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