Saturday, May 31, 2014


The plan for today was to head into Brooklyn for lunch at my favorite pizza place before trekking back to MA. I spent a little time in the AM with my sister, niece, niece's friend who slept over, and nephew. I took a walk over to the beverage store to snag some Manhattan Special to bring back home - then around 11 am, made my way to Brooklyn.

I arrived at L&B Spumoni Gardens a little before noon. My plan was to let people know in advance where I would be and those who were able, could come visit (and eat). This is much easier and more efficient that me running around town, trying to find people home and attempting to park a bunch of times.

My old friend Nestor, along with his wife and kid came by and a little later, Rob and Janine. It was nice to see everyone - but especially nice to eat this:

Due to the destruction I did to my system yesterday with overeating, I was able to hold myself to two slices (a very hard task) and later, had a small spumoni (major treat).

I left L&B and stopped by for a visit with my sister-in-law then made the journey home - which took forever because of really crappy traffic.

Despite the horror of the trip, I was determined to see a band called "Afterfab" tonight. Despite the long drive and the fatigue, I got home, showered, changed and off I went to see the band - they were awesome!

Here I am, home for almost 2 hours, it's enarly 2 am, and I am typing this post instead of snoring! Tomorrow is another spwcial day, I can't yet reveal why but to sleep!

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