Sunday, May 11, 2014

Illogical Business Model

There are a few locations of a bar/pub/restaurant in these parts called "The British Beer Company". I've been to three different locations on a number of occasions now, all for the reason to see whatever band might be playing, but since there is food available, I also go with the  intent of enjoying dinner along with a pint or two of beer.

In one particular location, the service was so consistently bad, that the last time I went I felt compelled to file a formal complaint, so I wrote an email to the person in charge of the whole chain, who forwarded my note to the local restaurant where I had an issue and after some discussion, in an effort to keep my business, they offered me a $30 gift card; I accepted it.

Last night I went to the more local branch, in Framingham. I was pleased that the service was infinitely better than my last few experiences in Franklin, but similar to other branches, the band went on much later than expected because  there were still tables seated in the area that functions as the stage; this is flat out stupid!

If you hire a band, and pay them, knowing they are set to play at a particular time and obviously need to set up their instruments, why then would you continue to seat people in that area beyond a particular time?

No good excuse, there is no right answer other than hey should, based on their average table stay, determine a reasonable time to stop seating in that area so it can be cleared for the band. Period!

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