Saturday, May 03, 2014

In My Ears 3

Since the last In My Ears post, here are the records I've passed through my skull:

Bastille - Bad Blood
You'll hear references to other bands but this is fresh and really good - I like this record a lot.

The Head and The Heart - Let's Be Still
Nice music, good listening.

Langhorne Slim - When the Sun Goes Down
Langhorne Slim - Be Set Free
Note previously familiar with his work, ventured in after hearing an interview with Marc Maron. This is gritty and real and very serious "country" music.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Unvarnished
The first time I heard any of this new stuff was a live performance on Kimmel and I was not impressed. However, the record is produced well enough to hide what Jett has obviously lost from the live game. Overall, this is a very good record.

Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles - Angels & Saints at Ephesus
Clearly not for everyone, must have an open mind. This is a haunting and beautiful record. I really love it!

Paul McCartney - New
I wrote off McCartney, despite his status in the industry, for the abomination that was his last record. However, I was wrong, this is a really great record - Sir Paul has something left to give and he gives it here. Also check out his contribution to Sound City.

Bill Callahan - Apocalypse
Bill Callahan - Dream River
I have no idea how to describe Bill Callahan but I can't imagine there could ever really be middle ground with him. I feel like it's a like him or not like him type of deal. This is not conventional music by any means but I happen to think it's really wonderful.

Haim - Days are Gone
Love it! Just listen...go ahead!

Lorde - The Love Clup EP
Lorde - Pure Heroine
Like most of America, my first dose of Lorde was hearing Royals, which I loved. These two records are her life's work to date but she's just a teenager and I think she's got something special, I like the work represented here and look forward to what might be next.

Sound City: Real to Reel
Not so much a soundtrack to Dave Grohl's brilliant Sound City documentary but the end result. This is a really terrific record with some great collaborations and wonderful surprises. McCartney's contribution will blow you away not only because of how amazing it is but also, how unexpected it is.

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
I prejudged what I would hear by the name of the band when I first heard them - the name, for me, makes it seem very gothic and/or heavy but this is a terrific rock band that makes current sounding music and makes it worth listening to.

Katy Perry - Prism
I've always like Katy Perry and most of her songs, I do have some reservations on some of the production choices and collaborations but overall, this is another solid radio record. Yes, there are some spots I would erase but all-in-all, enough good moments.

Brandy Clark - 12 Stories
heard this on NPR, All Songs Considered. Actually, heard one song then and was hooked, the whole record from this singer/songwriter is outstanding.

Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of the '70's
Go ahead, look it up, check out the song list. Every second of this amazing collection, had me singing out loud and feeling nostalgic and wonderful. Filled with licks, harmonies and songs that just stay great - this is a collection that is too much fun not to be listening to right at this moment.

Warren Zevon - My Ride's Here
Warren Zevon - Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
Warren Zevon - Life'll Kill Ya
Warren Zevon - Mr. Bad Example
Warren Zevon - Preludes: Rare & Unreleased Recordings
Warren Zevon - Learning to Flinch (Live)
Warren Zevon - The Envoy
This is the first part of working my way through the great catalog of this very unique artist. After I read the book about him, I had decided to exhaustively revisit his work; as you can see, I meant it.

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