Monday, May 26, 2014

Mad at Mad Men

Back in March, in anticipation of this season of Mad Men I was vocal about how I hate how they decided to split the last season over two years. I also spoke of how I feel the quality of the show has degraded.

As I watched the last of the episodes in part one of the final season tonight, I look back on these 7 episodes and can without hesitation say that what was once one of the most promising TV dramas in history has fallen into a steady state of mediocrity and is struggling to stay there - I find this very sad.

Yes, there have been some okay moments, yes, there are still some characters I kind of care about, but overall, the writing has taken a steep plunge and I don't know if the series can be saved. I hope I am wrong - were I not so invested, I'd dump it, but I'm too obsessive to give up knowing there is an end in sight.

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