Friday, May 16, 2014

Meme: What's the Story? (A version of the Friday 5)

What’s the story about the time you learned that two people you knew separately also knew each other?

This has happened a few times but the best case in particular is with this lady Maria that I know. Maria is from the old neighborhood I grew up in and is the sister of one of my neighbors. I will sometimes refer to Facebook as "The Six Degrees of Maria" - we share 10 mutual friends, many of which I've known for years, she's known for years, and we never new the commonality until Facebook.

What’s the story about the time you ran into someone you knew but didn't recognize him or her because your acquaintance with the person was specific to a completely different setting?

I just told this story to my daughter yesterday. A few years back, my friend Mark, who at that time, I knew mostly from church and gatherings of his family. I was to meet him at a local pub to chat and when I arrived, I walked into the bar and looked all over for him. Assuming he was late, I walked outside to look around then went back in, walked right over to where he was at the bar, not recognizing he was right there, and as I was walking away, he called out my name. So odd, for some reason, he just looked so different.

What’s the story about the time you lost something important and then found it after you’d already purchased its replacement?

Isn't that the only way that ChapStick® remains profitable?

What’s the story about the time you were tight with someone you normally didn't hang out with because he or she was the only person you knew at some function?

Happened at of all places, a funeral home. As if intentionally being in a room with a dead person on display isn't awkward enough!

What’s the story about the time you learned that someone you thought you knew only recently was really someone you knew a long time ago too?

If this has ever happened in my world, I don't recall it.

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