Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Heart Hurts...a story

It's not the case of angina, it's not even costochondritis, i'm not talking about typical physical pains associated with the heart the kind of pain I'm feeling does have a physical aspect to it.

It all started right here in this space, many friendships were born here but there was one that's more than just a friendship, it's something very special, one of those very few in a lifetime type of friendships.

My feelings grew beyond friendship, I hope so much that somewhere along the line we'd be able to explore beyond friendship but I always want that friendship to be solid, and forever.

Obviously, there are a multitude of complexities and somehow, the last few months have been, well, different. I miss my friend, I miss you so much - but nothing has changed...I know how hard you work and how determined you are to reach your goal and I am always here cheering you on.

I just miss you vey much...and sometimes, so much it hurts.

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