Thursday, May 22, 2014


Have I bitched and moaned about the painter? I have bitched and moaned so much (it feels like) lately that I lost track!

While waiting for the last pieces of the kitchen and the electrician, I hired a painter to paint the kitchen (ceiling and walls), plus a few other small areas. I would say most professional painters would complete the job in 3 days (4 would be a stretch but the absolute max). Today was my painters 7th day on the job, and finally, his last.

The worst part, it's just an okay job and I paid the same if I had a real pro instead of one who passes himself off that way. This guy did a bunch of pro-bono work in the basement of our church and was hired by a few other folks, all who raved about his work (what kool-aid were they drinking?).

Well, it's done with - I love the color I chose. Pics sometime after the whole kitchen is complete.

Huggles :)

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