Friday, May 16, 2014

Poor Cat!

As tough as this damn kitchen remodel has been on Vickie and Me, Oliver (my cat) has suffered the most. Every day that contractors are on site, I have to lock him in a room. Of course he's got everyone he needs in there, water, food, comfy bedding and litter box, but he hates being cooped up and unable to roam his turf.

Almost all the time he is in there, he is howling and pushing against the door, just begging for freedom and I have to tell you, if I am in the house hearing that, it pains much and probably even more than one can imagine (except for other pet owners).

I wish I had some other solution, but it's way too dangerous for him to be free and even less practical when there is a painter involved. I try to be out for as much time as possible so I don't have to hear it but I know it's going on and still feel awful.

Sorry Oliver!

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