Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Great American Past Time What?

Last year, I pretty much abandoned baseball as Alex Rodriguez led the league in polluting the sport. I didn't watch a full inning of baseball all last season and to be perfectly honest, I didn't miss it all that much. It wasn't a full-out abandonment as I did occasionally check the standings and some stats but for the most part, there was no emotional attachment to baseball.

I was happy at the start of this season to see that A-Rod had been banished for the season and made a brief attempt to give a crap one more about the sport I loved so much growing up. For some reason, I still just don't give a crap.

Again, on random occasion, I'll check the standings and I can't say that I wouldn't go to a game were the circumstances right but the love of the sport has become more of a sadness as it dies a slow death.

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