Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tracking Tax...Fuck That!

I just read that California, following a few other states, is testing the idea of adding GPS technology to track and tax drivers by the mile in an effort to recover lost revenues from gas taxes as a result of more fuel efficient vehicles.

Look, I consider myself a liberal and understand the need for taxation, but there are several taxes you are never going to convince me are just and proper. One is the sales tax and another, for sure, is this mileage tax. Even if you could justify the mileage tax, I feel like the idea that anyone is tracking where I am going and when is unconstitutional and just wrong.

Also, I believe this in some way is almost a penalty to everyone who’s gone out of their way to be more fuel efficient, the car manufacturers and those of us who purchase those cars. I believe this is a travesty and I hope that the public will make it clear to any and all politicians regardless of party that this is not acceptable.

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