Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wednesday Was Like This...

When last we met, I was heading out of MA down to NYC. I left at 8am and arrived at my destination at 1:30pm - most of the extra time was due to a ridiculous amount of traffic, slowed to a halt then barely moving on the George Washington bridge.

I got to my hotel, chilled for a short while and settled in, then left for Phillips Candy of Coney Island, a candy store that in owned by my friend Maria's Family. I din't actually go for the candy though, as hard as that may be to believe - I went to visit my old friend Maria (see for yourself):

After a visit with Maria, I stopped by my sister's place for a visit and later, to my cousin Jennifer's to have sinner and a visit. I hadn't seen Jen or her sister in 8-10 years and their bother Joey I hadn't seen in probably 25 years or more.

I then headed back to the hotel and was asleep before 11 pm! I knew Thursday was going to be an early day and a long one.

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