Saturday, May 31, 2014

What about Thursday?

This is what Thursday was all about:

My niece Lauren graduated from college. I am so proud of her and that was the main purpose of my trip to NY, to attend her commencement ceremony.

The main event was outdoors, which cause be to get some nasty sunburn, even on my scalp (through my hair). I know this because it hurt like a MOFO (or more) when I ran a brush through my hair.

I volunteered to go pick up the cake they had ordered the day before from Costco and meet everyone back up at the house. I get he cake back and my niece insisted it was not the right one. When I got there, I asked for the cake, gave the name on the reservation, and was then asked what the cake said. I had no idea, but I assumed, out loud of course, that it said "Congratulations Lauren". they gave me a graduation themed cake that said this so I just went to pay and left. Turns out, the side panel of the cake box had details, I had in my possession a cake ordered by a dude named Sheldon, and not the one my sister ordered - Uh, Oh! Fortunately (I hope) for Sheldon, his pick up time wasn't until 5pm and it was only about 2 pm.

Lauren (my niece) and I brought the cake back to Costco in hopes of keeping Sheldon's and his Lauren's cake dreams alive while retrieving the proper cake for our Lauren. It took some work as the level of intellect for such "complex" problems was not easily found among the store's employees. We did persist and in time, got what we came for then went back to relax for a while before a big family dinner at a nearby restaurant.

To say that I overate at the place would be a gross understatement only out-grossed by the amount of food I shoved into my face; and I payed, dearly.

I'll just end Thursday here - I crashed at my sister's on this evening.

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