Monday, June 30, 2014

Early Morning Banana Talk

I got right to work, about to pull in to the parking lot, when I realized I had no bananas. It being early, I proceeded to the grocery store, not only with the mission of getting bananas for the week, but hoping I could find at least one that was ripe enough to eat this morning.

I went through every bunch and grabbed the five yellowest bananas I could find. "That'll be 87 cents!" For a second, it felt like it was a long time ago when you might walk out of a grocery store spending less than a buck on anything, but hey, the sandman was still in my eyes, so I was easy.

"Broke the bank on that sale, eh?" I muttered, trying to be cutesy and likely coming of dorky. I took my bag of bananas, and yes, for a second I fantasized about Gwen Stefani [how many of you will get that reference?]

Back at the office, I get my things in order, crank up the Keurig, grab a package of peanut butter crackers then pull the bunch of b-a-n-a-n-a-s out of the bag and carefully inspect each for the ripest. Turns out that while they are yellow, I deemed none of them ready for eating on this day, which made me the slightest bit sad but I knew I had to forge on. 

I had a brown paper grocery bag that I had used during another banana ripening event, so in the interest of ecological preservation, re-purposing and my penchant for a good ripe banana with my peanut butter crackers in the morning, I sacked the bananas and tucked them away hoping tomorrow, I will have one ripe enough to enjoy.

On to the work thing...

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