Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fed Up! Damn Kitchen!

I really thought it was all over, that I was coming home today and it would be all done. The electrician was by Monday and did most if his stuff, I came home and was concerned as the contractor kept insisting there needed to be an outlet installed at the far end of the peninsula to conform to code. When I came home Monday, all of the other electrical work was done, except this outlet, there was no sign of it and no note. I assumed he would be back and since I knew the contractor would be back to wrap up the carpentry and install the one reordered cabinet and make final adjustments and bang out the punch list - I just assumed it would all be done. I was wrong.

I am hoping they are coming back tomorrow, I simply had no energy to deal with them and by the time I got home, they would likely have been unreachable and email would have only been angry...I will see what tomorrow brings before hauling out the big guns - I still have several thousand dollars that they won't see a penny of until I say they are done.

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