Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday was Ugly

It started out as on okay day, but one thing led to another, and then, some assfuck meter bitch gave me a parking ticket that I really believed was cruel; ruined my entire day and evening.

Amazon added streaming music to their Prime memberships this week so I ended up listening to a few classic albums while working on the computer doing teacher things...they'll be on the next "In My Ears" post.

Just about half way through a fairly new book I saw at the library the other day, "Black Moon" by Kenneth Calhoun. I've intentionally kept away from reviews, just reading based on the interesting concept I read on the inside flap - more detail when I finish it.

I still haven't watched a baseball game - I think it's over for me a Baseball...who knows. Still got football :)

I have this CD that "helps" you fall asleep, every time I use it though, I have odd dreams - bizarre! I guess I will toss it.

Stopped by the farmer's market. this was opening weekend. A great band called "Railroad House Band" played - it's the only venue I've ver seen them so far, they are so good - bluegrass.


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