Monday, June 02, 2014

Saturday was Cool!

 My buddy Steve is currently a guitarist for the very talented young winner of The Voice, season 3 - Cassadee Pope. Current tour took them to Gillette Stadium and he was very kind to invite me as a guest.

I was able to park in the VIP section, a major perk, especially at a football stadium! Steve met up with me, along with Jeff and Jes Perry (mutual friends) and once we got through the gate, we walked directly across the stadium and right up onto the stage.

This picture of me and Steve (I really look especially strange through the selfie-cam) was taken from stage right. It was super fun, I had to stand smack dab center stage and wave to the non-existent crowd as if they were my fans.

We then walked to the backstage area where we ran into Cassadee Pope herself, what a very sweet young lady - she was super busy doing press stuff so we only had a very short visit and exchanged pleasantries.

We then headed to the tour bus, this selfie (yes, that's me in front taking the shot looking like a freaking beaver). There was at least one very surreal moment, but in the interest of privacy - I will choose to omit the actual event.

The band was set to take stage at 6:00pm, just before, we went to our seats to watch the short, but very entertaining set. Soon after, Steve came out to meet up with us, we headed back to the bus for a while then we all went to dinner (the other guitarist and drummer joined us as well - guitar tech came later).

We ended the night back on the bus hanging out.

So fun to be behind the scenes but my two favorite things:
1. Just hanging with my friends.
2. Seing my pal play onstage at Gillette stadium (that choked me up a bit).

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