Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stuff (Yes, another "Stuff" post)

The book I reviewed yesterday, Black Moon...I mentioned at the end of the review that the guy works close to where I do. I looked him up and sent an email, he was quite appreciative.

Turned on my A/C for the first time yesterday evening. About a half hour or so later, I walk into the dining room and discover a puddle on the floor, look up and see my ceiling peeing. WTF! After an initial panic period, I discovered it was a crack in the condensation pipe up in the attic. The good news, it's a fairly easy repair - bad news, no A/C until I can get someone over to fix it (yes, hottest two days of the year).

Nice to see Amazon throw in on the cell phone thing - disappointed that it's exclusive to AT&T. I don't get the whole exclusivity thing with cell phones.

Damn, can't keep my eyes open.
Good night!

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