Thursday, July 31, 2014

Are there Any Non-Assholes Selling Cell Phones on EBay or Craigslist?

I've kind of been looking to buy a new cell phone, but I need to pay full price to keep my unlimited data plan. The three phones I have on my list all retail for $600 new, so why the fuck are morons selling them on those sites for $500, $600, and higher?

Can't imagine why anyone would pay full price from someone on one of those sites and take the risk, if your going to pay full price, buy right from the source. Quite franky, saving $100 or less isn't worth the risk either, at least not to me.

Worse, some sellers have a whole list of conditions. Who the heck are these asshats?

I was at the Verizon kiosk, bitching about keeping my unlimited and they said they do have a program for unlimited customers switching to a tiered plan and offer 6gb data for the same price as 2gb, but the cost of the new tiered plans is still way more than the plan I have right now.

I hate these bums!

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