Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cabbage Island - A Pictorial

As one of my daughter's birthday presents, I took a day trip with her up to Boothbay Harbor, Maine where we went on a little trip by a company called Cabbage Island Clambakes. We had a little bit of time walking around the Wharf, so we opted for some silly photos:

I didn't have the heart to tell her that the hat looks way better on me (LOL). We love to be goofy! The boat out to Cabbage Island begins to board at noon:

We snapped a few photos on the boat while waiting to embark on our journey to Cabbage Island. Look, I know I've put a few pounds on but I swear, there's a nice breeze blowing up my polo sort of inflating it!:

As we ventured on toward the island, there were a number of beautiful sail boats out on the water:

A friendly passenger offered to take a shot of the two of us together, returning the favor as I took one of their family.

Arrival at the island (about a 25 minute sail).

A few minutes of island exploration:

Uh oh, time to get the main course (we did start off with some delicious fish chowder that I didn't photograph):

Some of the damage we did, just a bunch of lobster carcass and foil:

Homemade blueberry cake for dessert! Holy delicious.

The boat docked at the island and a little shack near the dock:

Another perspective off the dock and a closer shot of the "Bennie Alice", named after the family matriarch that runs the island and clambakes:

And on the ride back to Boothbay:
I must commend this family for hosting a really wonderful and fair-priced event. None of that picture taking and selling and over-commercialized bullcrap, just a great day and yummy food.

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