Friday, July 18, 2014


The Fremont Street Experience is just as the name implies. You really never know for sure what you'll get there but it often has many entertaining qualities. There is a bounty of free live entertainment that ranges in musical styles, and odd collection of people dressed as "characters" and some people barely dressed at all, trying to coerce you into taking a photo with them for some "donation", a host of oddball vagrants who have acclimated to the environment and simply hang around and enjoy the music, a collection of diversity among the visitors that make every moment there a unique one, and a what I believe a guaranteed unpredictability that makes hanging around there every now an again and entertaining adventure.

Here are some pics from Thursday night:

This is me with my pals (whom I grew up with back in Brooklyn) Dan and Joanne along with their youngest daughter, the recently 18 Jen (also a pal). BTW, selfies are brave, so hard to look good in one, every bad angle...jeez!

The couple here, I know you can figure out which I mean, were just super interesting to watch. they danced non-stop, had a really unusual look, but were just completely uninhibited and did their own thing.

This may just look like I took a picture of a girl's ass or the whole little to no clothing thing. What this picture really shows is these two barely dressed girls attempting to seduce the guy in the wheelchair into giving them money in exchange for a photo opportunity. What I believe often happens, and I witnessed this with a significantly older gentleman in a wheelchair inside one of the casinos, is that these barely dressed assess their prey for vulnerability and as such, try to lure more cash from them simply by being "nice" to them.. I should be clear I am not attempting a mild euphemism, while there are hookers and the sort in Vegas, I don't believe that's what these people here are, they are just street "performers" looking to make "tips" for doing their shtick.
 A number of the bars right on the street deploy go-go dancers to entice the crowds into spending more time their and buying beverages from them.
 This dude was just dancing about, completely in his own space and mind, despite the 100+ degrees he just went for it. For a very brief time, I even joined him :)
 The band "Zowie Bowie" (no relation, and no necessary indication of the music they play). My pals have seen him so many times they kind of know him and got pointed out during the show and after the first set, had a chat. His fiddle player/girlfriend plays for Rod Stewart when he does his Vegas residencies, she has talents.
 This was a random flash mob style Electric Slide. Some folks just busted into it and a bunch of people just joined it.
 This is me overlooking and pointing out the "El Cortez" hotel in the background of the parking lot, deep in the heart of "downtown". I have a crazy story about that place from a time me, my cousin and her husband (cuzzhuzz) came to Vegas back in 1999. In fact, I think the story is somewhere on this blog (just check, I mention is like I do here and even say I'll tell it someday, but haven't yet).

coming soon, the "El Cortez" story :)

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