Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Me Bitching about Tipping Again

I saw an article online that inspired me to post this, I've included the article and accompanying images below. before any of you start to slam me, I worked in the service industry at a restaurant in a neighborhood where the clientele were famous for running up tabs that were hundreds of dollars and leaving a $5 or less tip and every single time I was there to witness is, they received better service than their rude asses deserved. I know for sure some of you that read what I write will wholeheartedly disagree with me, that is perfectly okay with me - but please, be a little open minded and at least give me some credit for actually having some understanding of the business at hand.

I've gone on about how I think it makes no sense how tipping in a restaurant is some percentage of your check and how this really makes zero sense at all. I'll defer to my standard example: a server brings out two plates of food, one plate has a ten dollar salad on it and one has a hundred dollar steak on it. Is there any difference at all in what the server accomplished in retrieving either plate and bringing it to the table? No. the effort is identical - yet, using the 15% standard for tipping, the consumer is expected to shell out a buck and a half gratuity for the salad plate while the stake mysteriously warrants a fifteen dollar gratuity. Sorry, I don't buy into that crap and neither should anyone else on the planet regardless of their financial status.

You want to know why we put up with that crap? The answer is simple, somewhere along the way, it became legal for restaurant owners to hire servers for practically no wages; wages significantly less than other employees - the gratuity was the catch, we the consumer were expected (and as a credit to our stupidity, we complied) to pay not only for our food, but the salary of those who serve it to us.

What we should all be pushing for as a public is for restaurant owners to pay fair wages to their servers and make tipping go away forever!

As for the Warren Sapp deal below, I side with Mr. Sapp. Just because he has a few more bucks than the average person does not mean he should be expected to tip just because. None of us by the way are ever obliged to tip...EVER! However, a tip, or gratuity, is specifically a token of appreciation for a certain level of service, not a mandatory percentage or amount owed. If we all just go on tipping even when we receive bad service, what incentive do servers have to provide decent service?

Another thing I recently overheard is that the "standard tip" is now really 20%, not 15% anymore. What? I don't know if this is real or not, but I am not playing that game. If anything, the percentage should go down as prices of food and especially drinks in restaurants have increased far higher than the rate of inflation over the last five years.

Look, you can agree or not, you can decide not to go to a restaurant with me, I don't give a crap....but this is all bullshit as far as I see it. the restaurant industry needs to be reformed! Let us all not forget the bullshit tip cups that now appear on every freaking counter around, coffee shops, froyo places, and what the hell is the deal with buffets? I got up to get my own food, I'm supposed to tip the people that clean the table? Please!

Warren Sapp stiffs waitress on a tip, then explains himself on Twitter
By Frank Schwab

People claiming they were stiffed on a tip via social media is rivaling "stranded traveler needs a money transfer" in the Hall of Fame of hoax cliches, but nobody was kidding about Warren Sapp stiffing a waitress on a tip Tuesday. Sapp, a legendary defensive tackle with the Buccaneers and Raiders who also is legendary for being ornery at times, apparently went to a sports bar to watch the U.S. soccer team play its World Cup match. He and the other person he was with had a nice meal, with an appetizer, wings, a reuben sandwich, some Heinekens and a pizza. The bill came to $69.39. No big deal. But then the waitress didn't get a tip, and Sapp made sure the waitress knew he didn't just somehow forget it. The receipt ended up with's Darren Rovell.

The message on the receipt was "Boys don't tip!" which seems odd. And the chances of this being a fake seemed reasonably high, until Sapp himself shot back on Twitter about it.

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