Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Day

Started the day with some networking with colleagues. last night was hard to sleep, and easy, all at once. Of course the time difference is always a mind fuck, then the fact that Vegas is designed to chew you up, twist your mind and spit you out, I was on hyperload last night but ended up waking up every hour or two. Finally, at 5 am pacific, stayed awake.

Of course, once I thought about it, I was actually getting up late by my coast time standards. I got some work done remotely, dealt with student issues, then wandered about for a walk. A colleague texted looking for coffee company, and so the business end began.

Another brief post coffee stroll before some brief time cheeking up on email and it was off to a very lovely lunch at Delmonico Steak house courtesy of a vendor, whose hospitality was just beyond stunning. What a great time with good food and incredibly stimulating conversation. I was particularly impressed chatting with someone from Amarillo, Texas about their impressive K-12 system.

Post lunch, I had a few session, an interesting keynote from MIT's Joi Ito and some time at the welcome reception. I left the reception just before 6 pm pacific time ready to call it a night; even got into my sleep attire. Of course, the Vegas ghosts were haunting me and as much as I tried to relax and be done, I suited up in shorts, a tee shirt and my sneakers for a stroll on the strip.

I ended up down in a newly renovated area and took a ride on what is called "The High Roller", a super deluxe ferris wheel (they don't like to call it that, because it's $25 to $35 for a single ride depending on time of day.

back at the hotel, took a final look at emails and did the social networks...off to bed...tomorrow is an early and filled day of conference things.

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