Thursday, July 10, 2014


About six or seven years ago I spent some time really taking a closer look at my job, what I do versus what my written job description indicates I do (or should do). At that time, I realize I really should be classified under a different job description that also exists within out union framework.

I had planned to petition for reclassification at that time and had the support of the then CIO but times were tumultuous and there was far more risk than potential reward in the process, so I let it slide and just kept on doing what I do,

All these years later, though financially, things at the college are tough, I feel that it is necessary to plea my case and file that petition. In the end, the worst case scenario simply leaves me with my current title and pay. I filed the paperwork after discussing my thoughts with my direct supervisor, who gave be his blessing and said he would support me.

This past Tuesday morning, I met with HR for an hour, as did he, later. A decision is pending, I am told one should be made by early next week. Keep a finger or two crossed for me.

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