Sunday, July 06, 2014

Smashing Weekend

Today was a nice finish to a nice holiday weekend, despite the big hurricane/tropical storm thingie. I did get up early and shuffle off to pick up my kids and go to church - after we stopped for a simple breakfast knowing we had a bigger dinner planned.

Relaxed at home, I got a nice nap in and got some more kitchen unpacking done/three dishwasher loads. Realizing I need some more Container Store/Bed Bath an Beyond items for better organization.

For dinner, me and the kiddo met up with the Esposito's at Smashburger (their first time). After, I tried going to the container store but it was nearly 7pm and they closed at 6 - no big...a random delightful stop for froyo before heading back home and getting a bit more kitchen work done and just hanging with my kid.

Busy work week, start of the new summer session and prepping for Blackboard World next week. Off to bed now!

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