Friday, July 04, 2014

Storm Front

Everything changed with the usual (world famous) 4th of July celebration in Boston, as well as most on the east coast as a result of a tropical storm/hurricane. Lots of cancellations of things and many shifted and rearranged into some form of what is normally is because of the threat of weather. Hey, such is life, not really all to big a deal, I mean, in some ways it is and can be, but it didn't affect me all that much.

I spent a nice day with my kid yesterday, today I wanted to get some shelf lining done, but overall - made no special plans - mostly considering the severe weather that would be expected. Around 2 pm, I'm on FB announcing my boring plans and next thing I knew, I was en-route to IKEA with the Esposito's. they had a game plan, me to, though mine was to just be silly and enjoy the ride. BTW, it seems lots of people like shopping for Swedish named items in the wake of a storm altering the birthday celebration of American Independence.

After adventures in IKEA, where I did a few magic tricks for kids, discussed the merits of Quartz over granite, had a 50 cent hotdog as an appetizer and pretended to open another register line - we drove back into our neck of the woods and stopped at an open restaurant for a bite to eat.

It was a pretty fun time and a nice surprise over what I expected the day to be.

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