Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Studio Two

A Beatles tribute band called "Studio Two", made up of four teenagers, played a concert int he park in my town tonight. These kids were very fun, all dressed and playing the parts, they had the specific instruments and even amps accurate and really dug deep into the catalog - they were quite impressive, especially given their young age.

It was also cool to hang out in the park and experience this with my kid. We grabbed some take out and had sort of a picnic. Of course, the fucking mosquitoes feasted on me, further adding to my hatred of the outdoors in summertime :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!

Stephen here from Studio Two. Just so people don't get the wrong impression, only our drummer is really a teenager. He's 18, but it's very flattering that you say I and "George" look young. We're actually 28 years old. "Paul" is 20. Must be the skinny suit and the Cuban heel? We'll anyways thanks again for coming out and writing such a great review on us. We're booked for next year already! Keep a look out for us on www.facebook.com/studiotwotribute & cha-chi's "Breakfast with the Beatles" Sunday mornings from 8am-9am WZLX 100.7


Chris said...

Glad you found my blog - you guys are very entertaining. Thanks for posting this!!!

Looking forward to seeing you again sometimes, hopefully with less mosquitoes.