Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Work Place

When you've worked at the same place for 16+ years, there are a lot of things you see, one of them is the cyclical nature of, well, for ease, let's just refer to them as good and bad times.

Right now, the college is experiencing some difficult financial times and as a result, there have been layoffs. Layoffs end up leaving everyone concerned about their own position but also get people talking about those who were let go.

"They didn't do anything anyway" or "How could they have let that one go" and everything in between. There is a lot of emotionally driven reaction to actions that are, from a practical and business sense often required to be emotionless, or, more hopefully, despite emotion.

It sucks when someone who I respect and like is let go, but I also feel like it would be unfair to simply act in haste and anger. I'd like to believe that the administration made that decision for a reason that made sense and out of necessity.

Of course, there is always the thought, what if it was me? What if I was let go? How would I feel and how would others feel about it?

This is all a very difficult part of the process, I've seen quite a few people over the years let go, or who left on their own, who were, in my estimation, valuable team players. Of course, I've seen a lot of riff-raff go as well, that never really gets negative press but still gets people talking.

I've seen tough times before and I've seen the turnaround. There is reason to believe things will again turn around for the better and the best part, this time, for the first time in my 16+ years, it will be with a president who I have some faith in, who I believe in and who I feel really cares about the big picture.

Time will tell.

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