Saturday, August 30, 2014

86 On the Lobster Roll

I'd been primed for more than a week for today's "Lobster & Corn Fest" down at the farmer's market. Today, the big highlight was a $10 lobster roll from the amazing folks at "The Carve". I was looking forward for days, talking about it, promoting it...

My daughter and I arrive at 11:15, market is mobbed, line for lobster roll is huge! I have my daughter wait in line as I go up to say hi to the proprietors of "The Carve" and John tells me, "I don't think we're going to make it to where you are in the line, sorry man."

My heart sinks. Last week, I was chatting with John and Marie and they were wondering about whether or not they would sell 100 sandwiches. I assured them it was no issue at all though I didn't factor in that it was a holiday weekend, which could mean all in or all out.

They came with enough for about 140 servings. Get this, the guy directly in front of me in line got the last one! My daughter was a trooper. As sad as I was to not get one, I couldn't be anything but happy about John and Marie selling out - they are such nice people that have added so greatly to our town farmer's market.

My kid and I had a gyro from the vendor a few tables away, we ran into quite a few of my friends, it was a nice day.

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