Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Chinese Food

When I picked up my daughter yesterday, she asked if we could have Chinese food for dinner. "Of course" I said, then began to panic as there are no really great take-out places left in my close vicinity (2-3 mile radius).

After dilly-dallying for a few hours back home, we both began to get hungry, so I started thinking about where to get the food and there are only two places in close vicinity, so we had to chose between meh and meh...we went with meh.

Funny thing, I had no menu, which is a stupid reason for not calling in an order, as if I haven't order enough Chinese takeout in my life to not know what was available. However, I went with that and decided that me and my kid would drive over, I'd run in and grab a menu - she didn't want to leave the car because she was wearing sweat pants (teenager, enough said). We both look at the menu as if we were reading "A Confederacy of Dunces" for the first time (I know, that was a random plug for a cool book).

Once we decided, I though, no need to leave the car again, then again when the food is ready - so from in the parking lot, about eleven feet from the door, I called in the order. After the guy sad it would be about fifteen minutes or so, I closed the conversation with, "no problem, I'm not far." We laughed.

It only hit me as I was about to go in to get the food that it as funny(ish) as it was to place the order form the parking lot, it would have been way funnier to have it delivered. When the guy would ask for the address, I would give him the address of the restaurant. I wonder if he would have charged the $2 delivery fee?

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