Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday 5

These are 5 questions I am going to answer for you.

What’s the last thing you experienced that could be called a reunion?
Back in February, a group of us that once worked together had a reunion. It was supposed to be as many as 8-10 of us but in the end, only 4 of us showed; we still enjoyed ourselves!

When you spend time out with friends, how does your group handle the bill?
I always that part! I really wish we would all get separate checks. There are some times when someone will just say, "wanna just split it?" I so often get screwed here because I rarely order drinks and almost never desserts so I end up tossing in like $40 for a $13 entree.

What are you picky about when you order something in a restaurant?
Almost everything at this point. It's gotten so over the top expensive to eat out in the first place, so my tolerance has gotten much lower - I expect and demand near perfection and when I don't get it, I often make it know. I am not a grouch about it, nor am I disrespectful, but I will not stand for anything less than what I pay for.

When did you last spill a drink on yourself?
I think it was a few weeks or so ago I took a pretty large goblet of water on my jeans. Weeks before that it was a bit uglier when I took out a giant frozen strawberry concoction on some poor unsuspecting lady.

When dining out, what’s your approach to dessert?
Always want it, never order it. I am always too full.

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