Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hey Joan, Come on Back

My friend Joel "Sheckie" Brava wrote this earlier:
Just a need to share.. Other celebrities who we all feel " we know".... have come and gone, and it makes us feel sad. We don't really know them at all...but we are simply invested in them through their entertaining us through the years, and therefore, we relate to them, we value them. I don't know why, but with this terrible turn for Joan Rivers, I am so deeply saddened. Maybe it is the way it has happened and the fact that she was actually performing in NYC the night BEFORE...I'm not sure. Maybe it has simply brought home the fact of how fragile our own lives truly are. I just don't know...but I have had this 'pit' in my stomach since it happened. I continue to pray for her recovery and cannot help but think of her throughout my day.

I am with Sheckie on this one. My first recollections of Joan Rivers is from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I was allowed to stay up to watch the tonight show on holidays, Friday's and in the summer sometimes - oh, I guess from 6th or 7th grade on, I can't recall specifically.

A storied career, often controversial, often varied but at 81, up until the day before she fell ill, this woman never stopped working, and working hard. A regular, even in recent times, at small comedy clubs to write and hone material, Rivers has a work ethic that so many people, and not just in show business, but everyone, should look at and admire.

Like my friend Joel and many of her fans, both across show business and us lay folk, I am deeply saddened at this sudden turn. Despite being 81, Rivers had always appeared so vital and energetic and the thought of her laying there, reportedly on life support right now, it's sad.

I'd like to see a miracle, and have Joan Rivers pop back into this life to share a few more laughs, I would particularly love to hear her comedic take on this whole adventure. Oh yes, there is no doubt if she pulls though this, she'll be joking about it first chance she gets.

I'll be praying for the encore.

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Great comments Chris. Thanks for including my thoughts.