Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Some days, it's way harder than others to count the blessings. I suppose that should be reason enough to force oneself to actually take the time to count them.

There has been an unusual imbalance of bad news the last few weeks. Just today, I learned of an old friend, someone that grew up on my block - last Monday, she went blind in her right eye. She's being treated at one of the best places on the planet, it seems that it is the result of a tumor. Crazy!

I sometimes wish the mysteries we are constantly confronted with in this short existence on earth weren't so hard to conquer.

On a bright and lovely note, my kid has been volunteering this week at a camp type thing. Pretty magical to watch her and to hear her reflect on the days when she was a little kid at camp.

For everyone out there going through a rough time, I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to you. Here's to finding peace and some sense of understanding. Here's to the good times, the laughter and happy moments to carry us all through.

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