Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I've Been Through the Dessert...

...on a Post with No Name.

You ever have that point early in the day where your mind is running on overdrive and you've got a bunch of ideas for things and by the time you get home form work or to any place where you finally have a little time to jot down your ideas, they all seem to have disappeared?

It seems I've raised many eyebrows over many topics the last few days but all I do is speak my mind. I am sometimes controversial but I try to be respectful and tasteful, sometimes it's harder than others.

Here's a great statement that My friend Barry posted to his FB page: "I want to address the fact that some people look at suicide as a cowardly and selfish act. Would you label someone who's dying from organ cancer a selfish coward? Of course not. If you can understand that, then think of depression as cancer of the mind (not the brain - the MIND). Imagine it as a type of cancer that spreads not through your cells, but through your thoughts and your emotions. If it's treated, it can be cured, maybe even healed. If allowed to spread, that cancer can take over your mind and your thoughts. Think of the deterioration that happens to cells from cancer. Think of the physical disability that come from cell destruction. Then think of your thoughts and feelings deteriorating and losing function in the same way. What would your thoughts be like? They might be twisted into thinking that killing yourself is a heroic act, that you'll be doing your friends and family a favor by removing yourself from their lives. As upside-down as it may seem, that's the reality of the depressed, suicidal mind. Just like a cancer-riddled body doesn't function in a healthy way, the depressed, suicidal mind doesn't think healthy thoughts. If more people understood this, perhaps the stigma and societal shame of mental illness wouldn't keep people from seeking the help they need."

I will leave it there for tonight.

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