Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oliver is Sick

Oliver, my cat, on at least a few occasions in the last few days, has seemed to be choking on something and retching - as if trying to puke but unable to do so. These episodes are short, and he seems fine after, but are unusual and troubling.

This morning, Oliver seemed a bit lethargic and his breathing seemed a bit labored. Also, he spit out his treat; I knew something was odd. I decided I was going to take him to the vet, just to see if there was anything to be concerned with.

After a long wait, the doctor examined Oliver and took some x-rays to ensure there wasn't a blockage. Turns out he has inflammation in his lungs, which as she said, indicates either pneumonia or asthma. Since there were no other symptoms that are common to the pneumonia diagnosis, it is highly likely that it is asthma. I had to get prescriptions, pills for my cat, that made me sad.

It is not fun administering pills to my little guy but we seem to have a rhythm so far. Treats before and after and all seems okay...first day of meds are in the bank. Hopefully he is going to be ok.

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