Sunday, August 24, 2014

Parenting and Other Daily Bits

Today has been all about passing large blocks of time between having to pick up my kid and drive her somewhere.

I just killed a rather large spider then called my cat over to enjoy a little protein snack.

A week and a few days before the official start of the Fall semester, I opened up my online course site to those ambitious students who wish to get an early preview.

There was a real weird thing today, which I shouldn't even mention here because I can't write about it!

The world and national news is so fucking depressing, I just need to tune out as much as I can afford to.

Fair amount of local drama as well, in particular with a local supermarket chain.

The video I posted yesterday, the promotional piece on the local farmer's market, was very well received.

Thanks to those who've reached out and asked about how Oliver is doing. A little over a week on the meds and he's pretty close to himself again. It was hard seeing him wheeze for air like that!

Off to sleep.

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