Friday, August 01, 2014


This is a stream of consciousness post. I came with no idea of a topic or anything specific to write about but I just decided to start typing and see what happens.

I went to see my friend Meghan perform with her new band tonight, they are called "Angels of Avalon" and are a Led Zeppelin cover band. I thought they were good, but the mix was way off making it a bit distracting at times, but in time, they have some good potential. I am happy for her because the last band she was in was not good, the guys were terribly untalented and were trying to act 20 years younger than they were, that never works.

Work is a bit weird these days, going through rough times at the college and it's going to take a long time to work through these problems. I hope it all works out okay though.

I feel like I need to plan a vacation soon.

I kind of need to get my shit back together - straighten out the house, get back into working out regularly and eating right. How does that song go, "You can fight, the pain from a broken heart..."

Planning to get the breakfast sandwich from "The Carve" at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. I hope it isn't a complete washout, the weather earlier indicated some rain.

Good tired!

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