Saturday, August 09, 2014

Where Have I Gone?

Remember those posts about how many days in a row I've exercised? I stopped that streak at 1250, for good reasons, I thought. I had begun to focus so much on the streak that the health benefits of exercise were overlooked and I began to accumulate a number of injuries from carelessness.

That said, since that time, I have not been a good boy. Exercise has been scarce and my eating has been worse. Yes, I had my kitchen remodeled, and it turned into a 4+ month nightmare and there are some valid reasons why things would have been difficult, but I allowed myself to get into a funk that I am really hoping I can get out of.

I know it's all in my own hands, my own will, and I know I can do this - I have before and I will again. I needed to put it in writing so I can hold myself accountable.

I am heading off for a brief morning visit at the farmer's market then going to a book release party - my friend Erin is celebrating the release of her 5th book, then a visit to Costco - since I will be nearby.

Catch ya all later.

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