Monday, August 04, 2014

Yet Another Conversation I Started on Tipping

Just saw an article called "worst Celebrity Tipper" - I am taking their side, it's bullshit that they should be expected to tip any more than anyone else. 

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Paul I concur
Ro Agreed
Ro Most people don't even deserve a tip these days. service typically sucks. If you are 1/2 making my coffee because sugar, creamers etc are on a different counter... Then seriously you DO NOT deserve a tip. Actually I believe I deserve a pay check from your establishment.
Me I never tip at places like coffee shops, take outs, hotels, etc. just at full service restaurants and even then, reluctantly. I've long believed the industry needs to change and pay fair wages to servers and remove the tipping element. I think a percentage based tip model makes no sense and is not fair to the consumer.
Dan If a server sucks I don't tip - and I tell the manager. If they are good, I tip generously - and also usually tell the manager.
Kelly Sometimes I can't afford to tip, and during those times I don't even go out! If a server is good, I believe tipping is necessary. They deserve recognition for standing out among lazy people who don't put effort into customer service. Just my opinion!
Kelly And speaking about celebrities tipping, Celine Dion once tipped a friend of mine $100 in the In-n-Out Burger drive thru! If I was wealthy, I would LOVE doing stuff like that!
Me I love that there is vibrant conversation about this - it's why I bring it up often. Kelly, on the Celine thing, I too would love to do stuff like that and it's great that Celine (and others I suspect) do those things - but it's an act of generosity, not a requirement.
Kelly I totally see what you're saying and I absolutely agree that tipping generously is not a requirement. I also agree with the fact that the whole tipping system is somewhat flawed, but in more upscale restaurants, you usually receive more heedful service than you would in a more casual setting- like a diner- where the servers have nine tables to serve at a fast pace. Also, servers in upscale restaurants are often expected to share their tips with many other people, ranging from the hosts to the busboys, the managers, and sometimes even the cooks. If they end up with seven or eight percent, they're fortunate.
Dan I would like to tip Chris for delivering a can of worms.
Me You are right Kelly, about the whole sharing thing - that goes way back to when I worked in a restaurant in the early 1980's. In most restaurants, especially the upscale ones, the markup is high enough to pay fair wages to all of the workers involved yet we the consumer are expected to pay premium prices for product, then on top of that, pay their staff salaries.
Me My pleasure Dan, this is something I bring up every now and again because I am passionate about it and if no discussion ever happens, there is no way any change can happen. It's possible I am just a dreamer and insane but this is how I feel and I can't help but share it since we have these forums to do so.
Kelly It's good to be passionate about something. Lack of passion is fatal. I can see that we have differing views on this subject so I'll just close the worm can. (I really hate idioms to begin with, even ask my dad) lmao.
Me Kelly, speaking of worm cans, I listened to Pat Benatar on spotify today because of you!
Kelly Hahaha. Just seeing mine and Pat's names in the same sentence is like the most awesome feeling ever.
Paul As someone who worked in the food and beverage service industry for over 25 years, I can attest that the people that tipped the best were those that also worked in that industry at one time or another. I also agree that one should always tell a manager that someone on their waitstaff deserves a pat on the back, or a refresher on how to deal with paying customers.
Me For my Brooklyn peeps that are in my age bracket, I worked at Beefsteak Charlies' in Sheepshead bay, where there are the absolute worst tippers in the world - so I do speak from experience, and mostly bad
Me Paul - that's a great statement and so true
Kelly OMG true story: I went to Beefsteak Charlies' in Manhattan one time with my parents when I was about nine and I spewed a sea of vomit throughout the entire restroom.
Kelly Think Linda Blair in "The Exorcist".
Me Kelly, was it the one near Madison Square Garden? I love how we have gone from tipping to projectile vomiting comparisons to a satan infused girl
Dan I think it was the MSG one, Chris. Kelly has an aversion to Beefsteak Charlie's and subway trains (sorry, Paul). Her minimal exposure to both as a youngster resulted in vomit
Paul mmmmm.....worm cans (sorry I fell behind on that one)
Ro Being on both sides of the spectrum. Wait staff would HATE not getting tips. In many places they make more (tax free) than most management. High end restaurants don'take a huge amount of $ on the food... It's all in the bar

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