Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Call for Consolidation

I just thought of this and I feel like I need to write about it before I forget it, but I wish I had some pictures - though any of you who shop in grocery stores will likely be able to picture it; unless of course, you ignore the yogurt section.

First off, remember the Columbo yogurt commercials? You know, ones with the two really old folks talking about how their container is bigger, at one point came with a spoon built into the lid (that was rad), and sometimes even used the cutesy expression, "Coyumbo". What the hell happened to them and to Columbo yogurt! You can read here about what actually happened.

While we no longer have the life work of the Colombosian family staring at us, the number of products in the yogurt section has gotten increasingly out of hand (in my opinion). There's regular, fat free, whipped, fruit on the bottom, then there is Greek and all of those varieties (and more) for that. 

There are some yogurts that have gone so far over the top that they don't even fit the illusion of it being healthy, then, there are some that seem that they are so darn healthy, it's like eating planet earth by the creamy spoonful.

It's mesmerizing in a hypnotic way to have so much choice. In my opinion, I think there needs to be a little bit of consolidation, so that it's not so overwhelming that the consumer just doesn't walk away instead of making a choice because it's so daunting.

From a business perspective, considering the financial value of shelf space in a supermarket, it surprises me that so many varieties can survive. 

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