Saturday, September 27, 2014

An Oopsie

I had planned to do some class related paperwork and in advance, printed off some stuff at the office yesterday which I had stashed on my desk under the scanner lid for safe keeping. This morning, I realized that I left the papers there, and it seemed less wasteful to go pick them up today rather than reprinting them from home.

I got a late start, though I woke up early, I stayed in bed for another nap and then watched some TV and just generally chilled out. I decided to check out the Farmer's market and have lunch at The Carve.

This is a little sandwich they call "The Gobbler", turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and their own twist...delicious. They also provided a sampler of their vegetarian chili which was quite yummy.

After leaving the market, I began driving toward the office when I realized, fortunately almost immediately, that I didn't have my work keys with me. I spun around to go back home to get the keys and once again, made my way to the office. There are a few good foliage spots driving to and from work so it was pleasant.

I get to work, the building and the area where my office is were all open, they keys weren't all that essential but I wasn't going to let that get to me. I went over to my desk and the papers were not there. I panicked slightly, then checked the drawers and then in my back office. Then, it hit me, I must have put them in my bag, which would leave them back at the house I went back to to get the keys I didn't really need to come all the way back here, where they weren't. Are you following all of this?

Head back home and sure enough, papers are in my bag and I am here spilling the beans to you. thank you for reading.

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