Saturday, September 27, 2014

Election Day Primer

Oh no, is this going to be a political rant? I don't feel like reading about!

This isn't so much a political post as it is a reminder that participation in the political process is required. Everybody talks to talk about and complain about when they disagree with what is happening in politics but such a small percentage of people that have the right and responsibility to take part in the process of electing their representation actually do so.

Yes, there are flaws in the system, significant one in my opinion. The electoral college is not relevant, hasn't been for a very long time and has altered the vote of the people in at least one significant election.

I might also declare that when I refer to elections and the "political process", I don't only refer to that of the national level. It really is just as important to take part in the state and local elections as well, all of this has an affect on how you and your community get along.

I received a booklet this past week regarding the ballot questions that will appear on the ballot I will be voting with in the upcoming November elections. I suspect that wherever you live and vote, there are often questions to vote on as well. In casual conversation, I've learned that so many people never see those questions until the moment they are voting. Some of these issues that we are asked to vote on are complex and worded in such a way where making a decision right there at the voting booth is not that easy. I know it's not always easy, but I urge you all to try to get a hold of those questions in advance and do a little bit of homework, read what the people that support it say and what the people who oppose it say and think about how you feel; then, go into the voting booth knowing your answer.

That's all...thanks.

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