Wednesday, September 24, 2014


On the gray table in the background, shot as a view from the desk I spend a lot if time at, is a (from left to right) electric pencil sharpener, electric three-hole punch and an electric stapler.

Yesterday, I watched a grown woman spend between 1 and 2 full minutes trying to figure out how to use the pencil sharpener; a pencil sharpener! This isn't anything fancy, there is a hole, the approximate width of a pencil...insert pencil, sharpen - that's it...but this was a major challenge for this student.

Neither of these three machines are complex for the end user in any way. I've intentionally used semester breaks and summer sessions, when there an unfortunate number of kids brought to campus - I've actually tested this equipment with kids and a very high percentage of the time, these little kids know exactly how to use all three of these items.

Here's the sad news, and I see it a ton, it's mind boggling how many adults and grown community college students are completely perplexed at these gadgets. really odd.

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