Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Funny Flood

I had a new water cooler delivered to my office today to replace the unfortunately contaminated one. I put a new 5 gallon water on top, and set off to lunch.

An hour later, I returned to my office and noticed the water bottle atop the cooler was empty. I think the shock of it forced my brain to believe that the one dude that had access to the office for the last hour had drank 5 gallons of water. Before the brain had the one second it needed to realize how ludicrous that is, my feet were sloshing through the gallons of water in the office floor rug carpet squares.

I went to find the facilites guy, who brought up a shop vac, I was laughing my ass off at the whole thing. After sucking up some of the water, he looked at the cooler and thought that the reason for the leak was a few loose things inside that he tightened and said, "let's see now". 

We added some water, and almost immediately it began leaking - slower, but still leaking. He pulled on a plug and all of a sudden, the water began gushing out onto his arm. "The hot water works!"

By this time, I took a call from a teacher but I just started laughing so hard. I apologized, and the teacher asked what I was laughing at. I told her that my office was flooding with water and she was surprised..."you're in a rather good mood considering the circumstances."

We got the machine empty, sucked up as much as we could with the shop-vac, then decided to,call the new cooler a d.o.a., then brought up yet another new one. The good news, the new, new machine is fine.

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