Friday, September 12, 2014

It's a Week!

Do yourself a favor, I am not being paid for this advertisement but the Honey Smoked BBQ Strong & Kind bar, pictured here, is one of the best things I've ever eaten; it's got a little sweet, a little heat, and a little darn amazing!

You ever know someone for a good amount of time, then all of a sudden become closer friends with them and then feel kid of dumb you didn't get friendly sooner?

Going to see my buddy Steve, playing guitar for Cassadee Pope, in town tonight. The best part is that my daughter is coming and this is the first time she's seen Steve since he moved to L.A.; she was only 10 16, it will be fun!

Glad that some of my old NY friends are getting together for a reunion. We used to do these pretty regularly but for the last few years, not so much. I am looking forward to getting to see all of them again.

Happy that my friend Dan's kids got to speak their peace on the radio this morning regarding the situation they had with winning a contest to meet Ariana Grande that has gone viral. That Ariana Grande has become a bit of a diva.

Hoping for nice weather tomorrow.

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