Saturday, September 06, 2014

Local Freight

Great day at the farmer's market today. It was almost unbearably hot but a spot in the shade, an iced coffee from Acoustic Java and an amazing ricotta, grilled zucchini and pine nuts on a rosemary ciabatta sandwich from The Carve made it better. There was some terrific bluegrass music by a band called Local Freight and later in the day, I was a participant in a food demo from The Carve...FUN!

Today was one of those days where I ran into folks I don't usually run into, and it was fun!

I did get a haircut.

I moved the sofa earlier and saw what I thought was a pretzel nugget that I must've lost. I picked it up and walked into the kitchen to throw it away - took a peek at it and realized I was holding a petrified cat turd; thanks Oliver, you practical joker you.

Seeing The Road Dawgs later tonight.

Oh...cashed in my loose change today...$115.01!

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