Friday, September 26, 2014


Are you familiar with this item? Listerine PocketPaks - I've used this items for a while, pretty much since they hit the market a few years back.

The front of the package is pretty basic and unassuming. But something I noticed yesterday for the very first time, was the back of the package. I can't believe I missed this but it caught my attention and raised numerous questions that in the grand scheme of things, don't really matter all that much to me but I still have some fascination about what the real answers might be anyway.

I guess I should also provide a picture of the back of the package as well then, right? Okay, here goes:

Disclosure, I didn't think in advance to snap a picture of the actual package I had from the front, so the picture above of the from is from a Google image search. The picture here of the back is one that I scanned from my own package, the one that prompted this post.

First question, I need to know why they chose French as the second language on this packaging. Are they trying to imply that most native French speakers have breath issues?

Next, what's up with this due about to put one of these in his mouth? Am I nuts or is he a bit creepy? What the hell is he thinking that breath strip is going to do and who the heck is is staring at with those creepy eyes and even creepier eyebrows (yes, I noticed the slight lift of the right brow)?

I get the idea of the scene at the right where the two colleagues are working together, but one question I have about it is whether or not the creepy dude in the foreground is also the guy pointing out things on that chart (or whatever it is). Also, the picture implies that you might only wish to have fresh breath if you are working close to a member of the opposite sex. Are they also as a result implying that bad breath among members of the same sex is tolerable?

No longer a question in the overly litigious society we live in, but no less ridiculous is the warning about how the carrying case "may present a choking hazard". Also, I laugh because the expression "carrying case" just reads as an item larger than the (approximate) 1 3/4"x 1 1/2"x 0.25" actual "carrying case".

Finally, while I know physical space is at a premium, the use of the question mark to illustrate the included phone number is what you should call if you had questions seems lazy. There is clearly enough space above the phone number to include the actual word "Questions".

I guess I should stop here or you might be inclined to think I'm a bit nutty.

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