Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Post Meant for Yesterday, But I Fell Asleep

I woke up not realizing that both Friday and that morning, I had completely forgotten that I had a party to attend in the late afternoon.

I was out late Friday hanging with my friend Steve, who was in town. It was a great night and my daughter, who hadn't seen him in a long time, also came, he saw too it that she had a really special time with the whole backstage, tour bus, rock star experience and it was great.

Saturday, I got to the farmers market with the plan of having lunch with my friend. It was great to share the experience, and to be able to not have to choose between the two awesome lunch offerings, we got both and split them (both are yummy).

After the market, i made a long overdue stop at my favorite place in all of Massachusetts, Walden Pond. It was also extra special to share that experience with a first time visitor. After our time there, I still was able to make the party I had completely forgotten about and I wasn't even really late, not even the latest.

And that's it for now...later.

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